[PATCH wayland 0/6] Minor test/scanner fixes

Daniel Stone daniels at collabora.com
Wed Aug 29 06:17:09 UTC 2018

These first 5 patches fix some issues I found by running the test suite
under an expanded set of toolchains, including the ASan address
sanitiser and Clang's static analyser.

Patch 6 removes the leak checking from the test suite completely.
Previously due to toolchain immaturity, it was really difficult to run
the test suite with checks for memory leaks, so we rolled our own. On
the other hand, with Meson we can now just pass '-Db_sanitize=address'
to the configure process, or run 'meson test --wrapper=valgrind', to get
more powerful and useful checkers.

The existing leak checker we have breaks ASan completely, and I couldn't
figure out how to fix it. Removing it altogether seemed like a better

I've implemented this for GitLab CI, and you can see example output
here: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/daniels/wayland/pipelines/3663

This issue tracks the work left on the CI pipeline to get everything

If anyone wants to help out, please feel free to grab that branch and
run with it; in the meantime, these seem like good fixes to have


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