calculate subsurface's bounding box

zou lan nancy.lan.zou at
Thu Aug 30 10:24:31 UTC 2018

Hi pekka & all

I find function weston_view_update_transform_enable() function will
calculate view's bounding box, but after that function,
weston_view_update_transform will update subsurface's scissor region by
parent surface's region, the code is in weston_view_transfer_scissor(). But
the sub view's bounding box is not going to recalculated.  Is it a problem?

weston_view_update_transform(struct weston_view *view)
if (parent) {
if (parent->geometry.scissor_enabled) {
view->geometry.scissor_enabled = true;
weston_view_transfer_scissor(parent, view);
} else {
view->geometry.scissor_enabled = false;

Best Regards
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