[ANNOUNCEMENT] Weston builds with Meson, grace period for autotools

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:16:09 UTC 2018


here is an early Christmas / NewYear present / bomb (take your
pick). I just merged
which adds Meson build system to Weston.

The Meson build may not be too polished everywhere, but it should
be fully functional and correct. Most build options are equivalent
to their autoconf counterparts, but some have been redesigned,
hopefully in a more obvious way.

Most options do not have an auto setting, and everything defaults
to enabled, so quite probably you need to do little adjustments to
get it to build. Instead of auto, I thought it would better to make
the build configuration explicit, and help people choose the right
disables through informative error messages that explain what
option to use if they really do not want to build the feature.
Making all dependency errors user-friendly is a work in progress

If you feel strongly about needing auto options, we can see about
adding those.

Now we have two build systems in Weston: autotools and meson. This
means that all work landing upstream, that touches something about
the build, will need to patch both build systems equally, until
autotools is removed.

The autotools build will remain as fully supported in the coming
Weston release some time in January - March. However, right after
the final release on that cycle, I would like to remove autotools.
Therefore we will have one and only one Weston release (not
counting release candidates etc.) that has both build systems.
Hopefully this gives enough time for distributions to transition.

Would be nice to start testing the Meson build and iron out any
wrinkles it may have before the next release.


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