[PATCH v15 00/34] Atomic modesetting

Daniel Stone daniels at collabora.com
Mon Feb 5 18:44:09 UTC 2018

Thanks a lot to Pekka and Philipp in particular for their really
thorough review; things seem to be looking quite positive now!

I am _mostly_ sending this for the part up until the patch which
actually enables use of the atomic API. I believe I've handled the
review comments on all the patches before that, including 05 which is

In 01 and 02 where we deal with unused connectors and CRTCs, we now
implement what Pekka suggested. 01 maintains a list of every output
which has not yet been through a repaint cycle, and patch 02 ensures
that all these outputs are disabled on our first repaint.

(This does still have the problem Philipp mentioned, though it would be
 trivially 'fixable' by not doing _all_ disables when we are called with
 b->state_invalid && !b->repaint_data, i.e. are likely to be disabling a
 single output. But it does increase my desire for a better output
 configuration API! I guess with my work in the backend and Pekka's
 clone-mode work as well, we at least have a far better idea what that
 would look like now. Hm, did I say I was trying out brevity earlier
 today? Oh well.)

03 has seen a few cleanups and fixes, most notably using
weston_output_update_complete() and drm_pending_state_apply_sync()

Following on from 05, 06 should now have clean failures on output

09 has much less broken state handling, with the state ownership much
more consistently documented and enforced.

I wrote a fair bit of comment and doc verbiage to clarify
questions/comments from review, in these earlier patches.

A few of the later patches in the series have seen relatively minor
fixes, but nothing dramatic. There are still outstanding review comments
from Pekka (and perhaps from Philipp as well), and Sergi has rewritten
the IN_FORMATS blob parsing. I haven't merged these in yet, in the
interest of trying to get the earlier part of the series out for review.

This series is available at:
  https://gitlab.collabora.com/daniels/weston # wip/2017-02/atomic-v15

Obviously the 'drm debug' patch is not meant for inclusion or review,
but is hopefully a useful aid to, well, debugging.


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