[PATCH v15 00/34] Atomic modesetting

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 08:31:00 UTC 2018

On Mon,  5 Feb 2018 18:44:09 +0000
Daniel Stone <daniels at collabora.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks a lot to Pekka and Philipp in particular for their really
> thorough review; things seem to be looking quite positive now!
> I am _mostly_ sending this for the part up until the patch which
> actually enables use of the atomic API. I believe I've handled the
> review comments on all the patches before that, including 05 which is
> new.
> In 01 and 02 where we deal with unused connectors and CRTCs, we now
> implement what Pekka suggested. 01 maintains a list of every output
> which has not yet been through a repaint cycle, and patch 02 ensures
> that all these outputs are disabled on our first repaint.


I assume you mean CRTCs rather than outputs.

> (This does still have the problem Philipp mentioned, though it would be
>  trivially 'fixable' by not doing _all_ disables when we are called with
>  b->state_invalid && !b->repaint_data, i.e. are likely to be disabling a
>  single output. But it does increase my desire for a better output
>  configuration API! I guess with my work in the backend and Pekka's
>  clone-mode work as well, we at least have a far better idea what that
>  would look like now. Hm, did I say I was trying out brevity earlier
>  today? Oh well.)
> 03 has seen a few cleanups and fixes, most notably using
> weston_output_update_complete() and drm_pending_state_apply_sync()
> consistently.
> Following on from 05, 06 should now have clean failures on output
> creation.
> 09 has much less broken state handling, with the state ownership much
> more consistently documented and enforced.
> I wrote a fair bit of comment and doc verbiage to clarify
> questions/comments from review, in these earlier patches.
> A few of the later patches in the series have seen relatively minor
> fixes, but nothing dramatic. There are still outstanding review comments
> from Pekka (and perhaps from Philipp as well), and Sergi has rewritten
> the IN_FORMATS blob parsing. I haven't merged these in yet, in the
> interest of trying to get the earlier part of the series out for review.
> This series is available at:
>   https://gitlab.collabora.com/daniels/weston # wip/2017-02/atomic-v15

itym wip/2018-02/atomic-v15

Awesome, I'll start reviewing right away!
After lunch.


> Obviously the 'drm debug' patch is not meant for inclusion or review,
> but is hopefully a useful aid to, well, debugging.
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