[PATCH 1/2] xdg-shell: move maximized state difnition together

wl at ongy.net wl at ongy.net
Tue Feb 27 12:24:13 UTC 2018

From: Markus Ongyerth <wl at ongy.net>

The xdg-shell documentation had part of the maximized state render
implications in the `set_maximized` request documentation, not the
actual state.
This moves the relevant lines into the state description.

Signed-off-by: Markus Ongyerth <wl at ongy.net>
 stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml | 6 ++++--
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml b/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml
index d524ea9..0b21364 100644
--- a/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml
+++ b/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml
@@ -724,6 +724,9 @@
 	<description summary="the surface is maximized">
 	  The surface is maximized. The window geometry specified in the configure
 	  event must be obeyed by the client.
+	  The client should drawy without shadow or other
+	  decoration outside of the window geometry.
       <entry name="fullscreen" value="2" summary="the surface is fullscreen">
@@ -841,8 +844,7 @@
 	After requesting that the surface should be maximized, the compositor
 	will respond by emitting a configure event with the "maximized" state
 	and the required window geometry. The client should then update its
-	content, drawing it in a maximized state, i.e. without shadow or other
-	decoration outside of the window geometry. The client must also
+	content, drawing it in a maximized state. The client must also
 	acknowledge the configure when committing the new content (see

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