[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.9.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Jan 22 01:32:04 UTC 2018

The first RC for libinput 1.10 is now available.

The 1.9 development cycle was a fairly quiet one with few big features and
most of the actual bugfixes have found their way into the 1.9.4 release

The biggest feature is the dropping of the touchpad hysteresis. Previously,
we employed a hysteresis to avoid pointer wobbles. A side-effect of that
hysteresis was that small pointer motion wasn't as reactive as it should be.
A previous attempt in 2016 to drop it failed (too many devices still needed
it) so this time round we have a different approach: we analyse the event
sequence from the touchpad and if we find it doesn't wobble, we disable the
hysteresis for good. In most cases, this happens fast enough that you won't
even notice, resulting in a more reactive pointer.

A new button debouncing code fixes the occasional issues seen with stuck
buttons. That code has already made it into 1.9.3 though, so you're likely
already running it anyway.

Touchpad tapping now handles palm detection where applicable, resting a palm
on a touchpad while tapping should not confuse libinput anymore. Previously,
palm touches were treated like any other touch, causing unexpected 2 and
3-finger clicks.

Some of the newer Wacom tablets (and older, worn-out ones) can have a
leftover pressure on tip up. This caused libinput to miss out on the
proximity event, leading to a constantly in-proximity tool. A new threshold
for proximity out fixes this.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Greg V (2):
      meson.build: add missing udev dependencies and linux/input.h includes
      Include stdarg.h where variadic functions are used

Lyude Paul (1):
      Correct Lyude's Copyright assignment

Peter Hutterer (66):
      evdev: document the change-of-directions issue with the hysteresis
      touchpad: move hysteresis margin into its own struct
      touchpad: add an enabled toggle to the hysteresis
      touchpad: automatically disable the hysteresis where not required
      touchpad: allow for multiple paired keyboards
      test: mkdir -p the udev rules and hwdb directories
      test: if we don't have a uinput device node, skip the test suite
      circle.yml: add ninja dist to tests
      doc: quote all paths in the doxygen file
      test: fix the device name for the magic mouse test device
      doc: update test suite page for ninja and other recent changes
      Revert "test: mkdir -p the udev rules and hwdb directories"
      test: mkdir -p the udev rules and hwdb directories
      circle.yml: add libsolv to the fedora packages
      test: reduce the multitap range
      touchpad: move the tap state bug messages to a helper function
      doc: add a FAQ regarding "please add a configuration option"
      test: add a missing libinput_dispatch() to the debounce_timer test
      evdev: print the timestamps for events when debugging events
      timer: print the time delta unit when the timer offset causes an error
      test: add the wmi hotkeys test device
      tools: add an extra linebreak before closing
      timer: print the error messages in ms, not µs
      timer: require a timer name
      tools: fix missing words in man page
      tools: when the command isn't installed, print that
      evdev: reduce the number of separate calls to log_msg
      tools: handle missing evdev/pyudev modules with a better error message
      tools: fix two flake8-3 warnings
      touchpad: post a SYN_REPORT after a faked trackpoint button
      evdev: fix axis mixup for the wheel click angles
      udev: add integration flag for the Lenovo Compact Keyboard with TrackPoint
      touchpad: change a log message for consistency
      man: add --enable-middlebutton to debug-events man page
      tools: fix typo in man page
      fallback: log an error if we failed to write the switch event
      tools: replace the tap time measuring tool with a python one
      test: use litest_wait_for_event() for the lid switch events
      test: replace litest_button_click with a debounced version
      fallback: create the evdev-fallback.h header file
      fallback: drop unused ratelimit struct
      fallback: change to handle the state at EV_SYN time
      evdev: add new debouncing code
      test: restore the non-debounced litest_button_click()
      test: replace a litest button with a litest key call
      touchpad: work palm detection into the tap state machine
      meson.build: bump to 1.9.900
      debounce: handle a timeout in MAYBE_SPURIOUS state
      tools: fix dashes in man page
      tools: clarify PermissionError in measure-trackpoint-range
      doc: add a doc for trackpoints
      doc: update the pointer acceleration page for the 1.9 trackpoint accel
      tools: print out the device used for measuring the trackpoint range
      doc: more and more documentation about hwdb updates
      tools: print the device in all measure tools
      fallback: send key events out immediately upon receiving them
      tablet: set the tip-up pressure threshold to 1%
      touchpad: remove duplicate if condition
      tablet: break up a long line
      test: collect test case failures and print them on each fd
      path: if the udev device is never initialized, bail
      touchpad: don't disable the hysteresis unless a finger is down
      touchpad: drop the double normalization
      circleci: use meson configure rather than mesonconf
      circleci: update to use Ubuntu 17.10
      libinput 1.9.901

Stefan Brüns (2):
      tools: Show gesture/switch capabilities in list-devices output

git tag: 1.9.901

MD5:  8113bd0cb60a040a04089b87270bf35a  libinput-1.9.901.tar.xz
SHA1: 4aeacf417724df29873fd71faa495f46e2ef4ead  libinput-1.9.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 980502b67f5fdd3bdb3f803a8a594b50a1d18314463e611243a12cbce0afc9a2  libinput-1.9.901.tar.xz
SHA512: 4e79f81bb52c17833d4e9b05d84657b0e52ff681c9f0408614f7fd66bdd022f8670efc8cb1eff86285b3f39aa51f9727b5c353bae7b6a925070fe6de389f3107  libinput-1.9.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.9.901.tar.xz.sig

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