I want to participate in EVoC with Wayland and Linux, how to start?

Denis Obrezkov denisobrezkov at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 17:03:36 UTC 2018


I am a phd student and I would like to participate in Endless Vacation
of Code:


I have read wayland documentation and started to read the Linux GPU
Driver Developers' guide. I also found some interesting project:


and I found a label called "Good for new contributors". But right now I
don't understand where and how to start. For example, how a typical
working environment looks like? Should I use wayland in some distro or
should I build on top of a bare kernel with glibc?

Also, I have some organizational questions about evoc, e.g. about its
duration, about possible mentor, etc.

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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