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> > Hi all,

> >

> > Pekka's recent comments about wanting to enable set-top boxes built with

> > libweston to do DRM content got me to wondering:

> >

> > Who all is using libweston directly (as opposed to running /usr/bin/weston

> > possibly with custom shells plugins or similar)? For my own purposes, I

> > just use the full compositor because it's pretty lean and mean anyway, and

> > I can do what I need by loading plugins.


> Hi Matt,


> I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't many users yet. There is a

> huge amount of things I'd like to do before I could comfortably propose

> using libweston. I still think it needs to be a goal in mind all the

> time though, otherwise we'll never get there. :-)


> IMO the major point of using libweston instead of weston is to be able

> to customize the UX any way you want - all the stuff and policy that is

> currecntly hardcoded in main.c and the desktop-shell plugin. Making all

> configurable is probably not feasible.


> My hope with gaining set-top box etc. use cases is to gather more people

> developing for Weston, people who could be dedicated in the long run.

> Maybe that could gain us more upstream maintainers.


We are using libweston for a prototype touch interactive entertainment
system. We chose this because we wanted to be free to implement any desired
behaviour without facing any limitations of the weston shell interface.
This is particularly important for us because the actual UX that will be
used in the production system is not yet finalised and we'd rather not
discover those limitations later down the track.

Using libweston has certainly been a challenge. The lack of documentation
has meant that we constantly dive into the weston code to get pointers on
how the library should be used. At the least a small example application
that handles the basics of mapping a surface, handling touch input, etc.
would make it much more approachable. The API doesn't feel finished, (for
example, should we be setting is_mapped in weston_surface and weston_view
directly), and when we have issues our approach to solving them often boils
down to trial and error.

So, count us as a user. We certainly hope to see the library continue to

Best Regards,
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