libinput is now on gitlab

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Mon Jul 9 00:01:22 UTC 2018

Pekka pointed out on IRC that I never sent an official announcement, it was
hidden inside the 1.11.1 announce email.

So, this time with fanfares, fireworks, red carpets and whatnot: 
libinput has moved to's gitlab instance. The new URL is:
The old git repos will continue to work as mirror for the forseeable future.

To file bugs, please go to
To *fix* bugs, please go the same page and select what looks like the most
obvious path to riches and fame.

All open bugzillas have been CLOSED MOVED to a respective gitlab issues.
The libinput website has been updated to point to the right URLS. Tarball
storage paths remain the same as before.

The GitLab CI is already hooked up and we're building on a set of different
distributions now to catch build errors early. The full test suite isn't
hooked up yet though because for that we need a proper VM, not just a

I'll still be sending some patches to the list, but I've also started using
merge requests directly. So feel free to file a merge request and assign it
to me. If you're interested in libinput development (and seriously, I need
help!), I strongly suggest you subscribe to at least merge requests being
filed: click the watch button (little bell symbol right of the git repo
URL), select 'custom' and click what you're interested in.

That's all. Please continue as usual.

Confetti! I almost forgot the confetti! 
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