[ANNOUNCE] weston 4.0.91

Derek Foreman derek.foreman.samsung at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 18:27:36 UTC 2018

This is the alpha for weston 5.0.

Lots of changes from lots of people - highlights include, but certainly
aren't limited to:
The use of hardware planes in atomic mode setting
Clone mode, and all the infrastructure changes to make it possible
A new touchscreen calibrator

Full change history:
Ankit Nautiyal (3):
      man: add description for specifying modes with aspect-ratio in
      compositor-drm: Add aspect-ratio parsing support
      man: Remove description of DRM specific mode-options from

Daniel Stone (37):
      Add .gitlab-ci.yml
      simple-dmabuf-drm: Fallback DRM_FORMAT_MOD_LINEAR definition
      doc: Update for GitLab migration
      tests: Don't rely on build directory layout
      tests: Reshuffle IVI layout tests
      compositor-drm: Property accessor can be const
      compositor-drm: Remove unnecessary picked_scanout variable
      compositor-drm: Make alpha-to-opaque handling common
      compositor-drm: Extract buffer->plane co-ord translation
      compositor-drm: Fully account for buffer transformation
      compositor-drm: Only check final co-ordinates for overlay scaling
      compositor-drm: Use plane_state_coords_for_view for scanout
      compositor-drm: Use plane_state_coords_for_view for cursor
      compositor-drm: Extract overlay FB import to helper
      compositor-drm: Use plane FB-import helper for scanout
      compositor-drm: Extract drm_fb_addfb into a helper
      compositor-drm: Support modifiers for drm_fb
      compositor-drm: Define DPMS property as an enum
      compositor-drm: Avoid cast by using unsigned loop index
      compositor-drm: Don't set fb->size for non-dumb buffers
      helpers: Move static_assert definition to shared
      compositor-drm: Add modifiers to GBM dmabuf import
      compositor-drm: Use GBM modifier API
      compositor-drm: Split drm_assign_planes in two
      compositor-drm: Ignore views on other outputs
      compositor-drm: Ignore occluded views
      compositor-drm: Disallow overlapping overlay planes
      compositor-drm: Use sprites_are_broken for scanout plane
      compositor-drm: Add modes to drm_output_propose_state
      compositor-drm: Return plane state from plane preparation
      compositor-drm: Add test-only mode to state application
      compositor-drm: Never lift solid surfaces to planes
      compositor-drm: Add planes-only mode to state proposal
      compositor-drm: Incrementally test plane states in mixed mode
      compositor-drm: Allow scanout plane to be occluded by overlay
      compositor-drm: Relax plane restrictions for atomic
      compositor-drm: Enable planes for atomic

David Fort (1):
      rdp-compositor: fix compilation against FreeRDP 2.0.0 rc2

Derek Foreman (3):
      configure.ac: Reopen master for regular development
      configure.ac: Bump libweston version to match weston version
      configure.ac: bump to version 4.0.91 for the alpha release

Dima Ryazanov (1):
      Fix a crash when unlocking or unconfining a pointer

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (2):
      simple-dmabuf-drm: require zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1 v3
      simple-dmabuf-drm: fix build with --disable-egl

Guido Günther (7):
      simple-dmabuf-drm: 0 is a valid fd (freedreno)
      simple-dmabuf-drm: simplify fd_map_bo
      simple-dmabuf-drm: support etnaviv drm as well
      simple-dmabuf-drm: drop superfluous declaration
      simple-dmabuf-drm: don't exit from create_display
      simple-dmabuf-drm: support DRM_FORMAT_LINEAR for NV12 as well
      compositor-drm: ignore case of {h,v}sync flags in modeline

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (7):
      libweston: fix weston_touch_start_grab() arg name
      input: introduce weston_touch_device
      input: move touchpoint counting up
      input: introduce touch event mode for calibrator
      libweston: implement touch calibration protocol
      weston: add touchscreen_calibrator option
      clients: add a new touchscreen calibrator

Markus Ongyerth (2):
      weston-info: Add support for tablet-unstable-v2
      weston-info: destroy wl_keyboard

Matheus Santana (1):
      man: remove redundant word in weston.ini(5)

Matt Hoosier (1):
      log: improve handling of use-before-init

Pekka Paalanen (109):
      libweston: introduce weston_head
      libweston: move wl_output to weston_head
      libweston: use head in wl_output global
      libweston: make wl_output point to weston_head
      libweston: refactor weston_mode_switch_finish
      libweston: introduce weston_output::head_list
      libweston: properly orphan wl_output resources
      libweston: strdup head make, model, serial_number
      cms-colord: find a good head
      libweston: add name to weston_head
      libweston: add weston_head::connected
      libweston: add weston_head_is_enabled()
      libweston: add compositor list of heads
      libweston: add heads_changed_signal
      libweston: new head-based output management API
      libweston: add weston_head destroy signal
      libweston: add weston_head_is_device_changed() API
      weston: move weston_output_enable() into callers
      weston: migrate headless to head-based output API
      weston: migrate x11 to head-based output API
      weston: migrate wayland to head-based output API
      weston: migrate fbdev to head-based output API
      weston: migrate RDP to head-based output API
      weston: migrate DRM to head-based output API
      libweston: change windowed_output_api output_create to create_head
      libweston: remove output_pending_signal
      libweston: stop auto-adding the implicit head
      libweston: assert make/model in weston_output_enable()
      libweston: assert current_mode in weston_output_enable()
      libweston: cancel idle_repaint on output destroy
      compositor-headless: migrate to head-based output API
      compositor-rdp: migrate to head-based output API
      compositor-fbdev: make re-enable less drastic
      compositor-fbdev: migrate to head-based output API
      compositor-x11: migrate to head-based output API
      compositor-wayland: strict surface create/destroy
      compositor-wayland: migrate to head-based output API
      compositor-drm: start migration to head-based output API
      libweston: remove weston_output::head
      libweston: print head names on output enable
      libweston: create/find output by name
      libweston: support user data on weston_output
      libweston: allow attaching heads to enabled outputs
      libweston: log head detach on enabled output
      compositor-drm: drm_output_find_by_connector from head_list
      compositor-drm: use head_find_by_connector in update_unused_outputs
      compositor-drm: find disconnects from head_list
      compositor-drm: move backlight into drm_head
      compositor-drm: move connector fields into drm_head
      compositor-drm: allocate CRTC on enable()
      compositor-drm: simplify drm_output_find_by_crtc()
      compositor-drm: simplify drm_output_find_special_plane()
      compositor-drm: get current mode on head discovery
      compositor-drm: move mode list to set_mode()
      compositor-drm: create heads for all connectors
      compositor-drm: remove unused_connectors array
      compositor-drm: drm_output_apply_state_legacy heads
      compositor-drm: drm_output_apply_state_atomic heads
      compositor-drm: drm_set_backlight heads
      compositor-drm: unify head status logging
      compositor-drm: combine mode list from heads
      compositor-drm: backlight control for all heads
      compositor-drm: update video mode printing
      compositor-drm: introduce drm_head_read_current_setup()
      compositor-drm: no need to clear inherited_mode
      libinput: remove evdev_device::devnode
      libinput: note if calibrating without an output
      libinput: deprecate WL_CALIBRATION
      libinput: log input device to output associations
      libinput: make setting the same output a no-op
      libinput: allow evdev_device_set_output(dev, NULL)
      libinput: use head names for output matching
      libweston: require connected heads for input devices
      libinput: do not switch output associations on disable
      man: document WESTON_LIBINPUT_LOG_PRIORITY env
      tests: add test_seat_release() for symmetry
      Update copyrights for Collabora and General Electric Company
      libweston: unexport weston_{pointer,keyboard,touch}_{create,destroy}()
      compositor-drm: rewrite crtc picking for clone mode
      compositor-drm: preserve CRTC routing harder
      compositor-drm: head detach requires a modeset
      compositor-drm: head attach requires a modeset
      compositor-drm: allow shared-CRTC cloning
      weston: store weston_compositor in wet_compositor
      weston: use wet.compositor consistently in main()
      desktop-shell: fix output destroy signal list corruption
      libweston: fix output destroy signal list corruption
      pixman,drm: do not composite previous damage
      pixman: make shadow buffer optional
      compositor-drm: expose global shadow flag for pixman
      main: add setting for DRM/pixman shadow framebuffer
      desktop-shell: handle NULL output in get_output_work_area()
      desktop-shell: handle NULL output in center_on_output()
      desktop-shell: do not lower_fullscreen_layer(s, NULL)
      desktop-shell: survive NULL output in shell_configure_fullscreen()
      xwm: dump properties of type CARDINAL
      xwm: dump properties of type WINDOW
      libinput: move calibration printing into do_set_calibration()
      libweston: notify_touch API to use weston_touch_device
      libweston: introduce notify_touch_normalized() and doc
      input: do not forward unmatched touch-ups
      protocol: add weston_touch_calibration
      doc: add example calibration-helper script
      shared: remove weston_config_get_libexec_dir()
      tests: remove WESTON_BUILD_DIR from env
      weston: support clone mode on DRM-frontend
      weston: add force-on option for DRM
      desktop-shell: fix output removal for background/panel
      libweston: fix output reflow on removal

Peter Hutterer (5):
      weston-launch: always run through all groups
      compositor: print usage to stdout on success (not stderr)
      compositor: print usage to stdout on success (not stderr) - this
time really
      man: fix prefixes for weston.ini(5)
      configure.ac: bump libdrm requirement to 2.4.68

Semi Malinen (2):
      libweston: add weston_view_set_output()
      desktop-shell: detect stale shell surface outputs

Sergi Granell (1):
      compositor-drm: Support plane IN_FORMATS

Tomohito Esaki (3):
      libweston: fix indentation
      libweston: Reset repaint schedule for all repainted outputs when
repaint cancel
      libweston: Fix clear timing of output repainted flag

Yong Gan (1):
      client: Fix segmentation fault in the case weston-nested

nerdopolis (6):
      libweston: set the seat automatically based on the XDG_SEAT
environment variable
      compositor-fbdev: support the --seat option, (and XDG_SEAT variable)
      launcher-logind: only get a VT on seat0, as only seat0 supports VTs
      compositor-fbdev: set fb device info upon the first run.
      compositor-fbdev: detect the first fb device in the seat
      main: don't configure /dev/fb0 by default

git tag: 4.0.91

MD5:  5ce2794c8de70300d6dd8696ed7c5e9c  weston-4.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: cf480485a394e045aa5de183ad5b33e07f30b2a1  weston-4.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: 30075980c63e9b408e3dbd137d425a151de402108a603052865a8450e5261bf2
PGP: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-4.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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