[writing a compositor] Compositor freezes when popup menu clicked

adlo adloconwy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 08:21:58 UTC 2018

I am writing a compositor using libweston. I am attempting to implement raising windows on click. It mostly works, but it has introduced a regression where the compositor freezes when I click on a popup menu, such as those in gedit.

Here is my code:

static void click_to_activate_binding (struct weston_pointer *pointer,
                                       const struct timespec *time,
                                       uint32_t               button,
                                       void                  *data)
  struct TestServer *server = data;
  struct TestServerSurface *shsurf;
  struct weston_seat *s;
  struct weston_surface *main_surface;

  main_surface = weston_surface_get_main_surface (pointer->focus->surface);
  shsurf = weston_desktop_surface_get_user_data (weston_surface_get_desktop_surface
  struct weston_surface *surface = weston_desktop_surface_get_surface (shsurf->desktop_surface);

  wl_list_for_each (s, &server->compositor->seat_list, link)
      weston_view_activate (pointer->focus, s,
                            WESTON_ACTIVATE_FLAG_CLICKED |
      weston_seat_set_keyboard_focus (s, pointer->focus->surface);
      weston_view_geometry_dirty (shsurf->view);
      weston_layer_entry_remove (&pointer->focus->layer_link);
      weston_layer_entry_insert (&server->surfaces_layer.view_list, &pointer->focus->layer_link);
      weston_view_geometry_dirty (shsurf->view);
      weston_surface_damage (main_surface);
      weston_desktop_surface_propagate_layer (shsurf->desktop_surface);


How can I resolve this?



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