DRM page-flip with damage for weston

Deepak Singh Rawat drawat at vmware.com
Thu Jul 19 16:00:03 UTC 2018

Hi List,

A while back I submitted RFC for page flip with damage interface in DRM 

In brief the damage is in frame-buffer coordinate of attached fb to the plane.
Unlike plane src coordinates, damage clips are not in 16.16 fixed point. Damage
during page flip is helpful for some drivers like vmwgfx where each framebuffer
change needs to be transmitted over network, usb, etc.
Now that I have some code ready and got it working for vmwgfx driver, the
next step is to change weston to send damage during page flip. With my current
understanding of weston I think the damage received during
weston_output.repaint() is exactly what I am looking for ? Does this damage
region during weston_output.repaint() is in frame-buffer coordinate ?


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