Release schedule

Derek Foreman derekf at
Fri Jun 1 16:52:00 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Our last release for wayland and weston was April 9th, and there has
been some talk on IRC about release schedules, so maybe it's time to
start planning for the next one.

Previously it looks like we've been on a 6 month cycle with releases in
February and August.  Following that duration we'd be looking at an
October release.  It feels like there's already a lot of significant
change, so I'm not sure waiting til October makes sense?

Are we moving fast enough to do releases every 4 months instead of 6?

I think we also no longer need to rigidly release wayland and weston at
the same time, as wayland itself is quite mature and may not receive
many significant patches during a weston cycle.  I'm wondering if
libwayland releases should break from timed cycles entirely?

If nobody has any opinions, we'll continue the way things are and aim
for an October release of both wayland and weston.


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