Proposal: use of xdg-shell popups outside of xdg-shell

Jonas Ã…dahl jadahl at
Thu Mar 15 03:11:25 UTC 2018

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 09:29:30AM -0400, Drew DeVault wrote:
> Hi there! Over at the wlroots project we're thinking about repurposing
> xdg-shell popups for use in another protocol that needs popups. The
> popup interface is somewhat complex and duplicating it for each protocol
> that might want to support popups is less than ideal.
> From an API perspective, both xdg positioner and xdg popup look easily
> reused with parents other than xdg toplevel. Everything is cleanly
> separated in xdg shell to accomodate for this. The only real issue is
> this line:
> I propose simply dropping this comment from the protocol description.
> It's a backwards- and forwards-compatible change, and there's no
> compelling API-driven reason not to permit the reuse of xdg popups
> elsewhere. Would definitely simplify the implementation of our new
> protocol and future protocols that could use them.

Sounds good to me. FWIW,
had this possibility in mind, but seems I missed the part you pointed


> --
> Drew DeVault

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