[PATCH wayland-protcols v3] unstable: add xdg-toplevel-decoration protocol

Drew DeVault sir at cmpwn.com
Sun Mar 18 19:46:34 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-19  4:42 AM, Eike Hein wrote:
> How about:
> <entry name="client_side" value="1" summary="no server-side decoration"/>
> <entry name="server_side" value="2" summary="server-side decoration"/>


> And as description:
> "This interface allows a server to announce support for server-side
> decorations and optionally express a preference for using them.
> A client can use this protocol to request being decorated by a
> supporting server.


> If server and client do not negotiate the use of a server-side
> decoration using this protocol, clients continue to self-decorate as
> they see fit."

The wording here is weird, and I want to avoid the word decorate. What
the client does is not necessarily decorate. The reason why clients
would need to decorate themselves at all is to give the user some visual
cues for their true purpose: window management. We should just say this.
I prefer my previous wording:

> If the client chooses not to use server-side decorations, it is
> responsible for its own window management operations.

Drew DeVault

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