Weston terminal failed to launch by forking

Sichem Zhou sichem.zh at gmail.com
Fri May 11 22:44:37 UTC 2018

Dear wl-devels,

I was trying to test my libweston compositor's shell implementation by
launching applications. By convenience I was using a keybing with fork-exec
approach. It's weird to me that I couldn't launch the `weston-terminal` in
that way as it complaints couldn't find $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and thus could not
find wayland display. But there were no problems launching other
applications, such as |wayland-flower`. Also the terminal launched fine
from bash. It's bizard since weston-terminal use the same `display_create`
function as `weston-flower`. And when I forked, I checked all the
environment variables, it's normal.

 I was using weston-4.0.0 so I don't know if same problem apprease in other
versions. Also, the application should launch at (0,0) But it seems shifted
a bit. It's because the window has a alpha channel?

BTW, I am kind of confused with weston_plane. I don't know what it does but
it seems I don't need to deal with it. I asked the same question but I
didn't received reponse so I have to ask again, sorry guys.

Hope it helps,
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