Use-case for CTRC background color?

Harish Krupo harish.krupo.kps at
Fri Nov 16 09:30:09 UTC 2018

Ucan, Emre (ADITG/ESB) <eucan at> writes:

> Hi Harish,
> Then, this would only work for desktop-shell. Furthermore, I cannot set different background colors to different outputs.
> Also my suggestion is simpler to implement.

Yes, that indeed is easier to implement. Unfortunately, the desktop
shell would fall back to setting 0x00000000 even if we were to comment
out background-image and background-color in the config. This would
obscure our color because the background-color set by the desktop shell
would fill the complete display resolution on a plane. I see 2 options:

* We can make desktop-shell.c skip the setting of the background color
if a color is provided for an output. Unfortunately, the desktop shell
sets the color for background and not per output.

* The other option would be that we ignore desktop shell's background
when the color is provided in the output. But here we cannot identify if
the client set a wallpaper or a plain color.

With the above issues, I don't think we can go for this implementation.

Please correct me if I have got something wrong.

Thank you
Harish Krupo

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