Possible Wayland Extension to publish Mouse Pointer Size

Michael Arnold myk321 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 13:34:18 UTC 2018


I'm new here and out my depth - normally I tinker together applications, on
linux, sometimes using Qt.  Using Qt under Gnome/Wayland I noticed that the
mouse pointer increased in size when moved over a Qt based application.
(The defect is raised here: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-70971).
As I am sure you aware, under Wayland, Qt is responsible for displaying the
mouse pointer and since there is no standard way across Wayland compositors
to determine the current cursor size, Qt sets the mouse pointer to size 32
by default.  Gnome, on a none-HiDPI display (like mine), sets the mouse
pointer size to 24, hence the weird mouse pointer size change when the
mouse pointer is moved over a Qt application window where the size set to

Understandably Johan (from Qt Co.) is reluctant to use gsettings to get the
current cursor size from within the Qt Platform Abstration Layer (QPA),
because that means they will need to do something similar for every Wayland
compositor and hence is suggesting (correctly from what I understand) that
a Wayland extension be created for Wayland Compositors to publish their
mouse pointer size.  Qt, GTK+ etc. can then pickup the mouse pointer size
using the Wayland protocol extension and display the mouse pointer at the
current size when the mouse is over the application window.

But this is where I get a bit lost and would be grateful of your guidance:
from what I can see the xdg-decoration protocol got proposed and debated
via this mailing list.  Is there someone on this mailing list who would be
interested to pickup this issue or is there some other forum where I need
to raise this request?

Kind regards,
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