Using libweston with GTK/GDK

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Mon Oct 29 09:33:19 UTC 2018

On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 04:46:02 +0000
adlo <adloconwy at> wrote:

> How do I run a GTK/GDK main loop from inside a libweston compositor?
> If I want to use functions such as gdk_display_get_default () to get
> my compositor's GdkDisplay, how do I guarantee that my compositor's
> display exists?


the only opinionated advice I can give you is don't do it. Instead, put
the GTK stuff in a separate process, let your compositor fork & exec
it, and talk to it through your own private protocol extension for the
special bits you need. "Connecting to self" always opens the door for
lots of deadlocks and I don't think those two code bases would nest in
that order well.

Things might be different if your program was GTK app which appeared as
a Wayland server towards other processes.

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