did the weston can use "mesa" for "opengles and egl" demands without libmali.so on MALI targets?

tugouxp 13824125580 at 163.com
Tue Sep 25 11:39:27 UTC 2018

is that mean that the libmali.so could be replaced by mesa implementation totally? if so, the accelerator function could not be used, is that true?

i would make experiment as you said, thanks for our good advice.

At 2018-09-25 16:52:21, "Pekka Paalanen" <ppaalanen at gmail.com> wrote:
>On Tue, 25 Sep 2018 09:28:27 +0800 (CST)
>tugouxp <13824125580 at 163.com> wrote:
>> hi folks:
>>     my project take wayland as display server, weston working with
>> libdrm-backend, the opegles and egl interface are provided by arm
>> official provide "libmali.so" library.
>> but now i want to test whether it can be worked that get rid of  mali
>> library completely ,and use mesa library instead.  i am use the yocto
>> build system and the compile process is very succefully, but when i
>> tested the weston with  following command.
>> weston --backend=drm-backend.so --tty=1 --idle-time=0 &
>> it seems the weston crashed and cant  be launched,  this command
>> works fine with "libmali" method, so it should not be the problem of
>> mali .
>> the output is very chaos by different threads log interrupted each
>> other, thanks for your kindly help.
>you can redirect stdout and stderr to a file. Printing to the terminal
>stops working once Weston enters graphics mode. If you are launching
>weston through a serial console, maybe it overflows and drops random
>bytes - is your serial flow control correctly set up also for the
>kernel console output?
>It looks like you get kernel bug output too. A kernel bug is always a
>kernel issue, so you would need to look into that first.
>Also make sure that Weston is not somehow patched for Mali
>specifically. I don't know if such patches exist, but if they do, we
>can't support them.
>This page seems to summarize the status of FOSS drivers:
>See also the upcoming XDC presentation about Panfrost this week:
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