Stepping down as release manager

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Mon Apr 8 10:02:38 UTC 2019

On Fri, 05 Apr 2019 18:01:45 +0000
Simon Ser <contact at> wrote:

> On Friday, April 5, 2019 4:51 PM, Derek Foreman <derek.foreman.wayland at> wrote:
> > I no longer have as much time to dedicate to this as I used to, so I
> > think it would be best if someone else could take over managing the
> > releases for Weston and Wayland.  
> Hi Derek,
> Thanks for your hard work, it is much appreciated.

Indeed, huge thanks to Derek!

> Regarding the need for a new release manager for Wayland, I'd like to
> step in and volunteer for this role. I'm willing to take the time
> necessary to (1) learn the current release process and (2) apply it if
> the community is interested.

Hi Simon,

I would be happy to have you. Let's see till Friday if anyone else has
anything to say.

We are currently in a transition phase with Weston's Meson build,
autotools being just removed, so there are some tasks I think would be
good to do:

- Copy releasing.txt from Weston to Wayland, since it documents the
  autotools release process and Wayland still uses that.

- Streamline Wayland's releasing.txt, there are bits that only ever
  applied to Weston.

- Figure out the new releasing process with Meson and document in
  Weston's releasing.txt. We've never done a release from Meson before.

We should also decide when the next releases will be, and check which
things to prioritise for the next Wayland and Weston releases (this is
where we/I have traditionally sucked). ISTR Derek already announced
that Wayland and Weston do not necessarily release in sync anymore,
Wayland having settled down while Weston having lots of on-going work.
There is a lot of CI-related work on my and others' plates that is
probably a first priority for both projects.

The (acting) release manager has practically had a minor exempt from
the "everything must be reviewed" rule in that he can push release
related version bumps directly and update the web site with releases.

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