[PATCH] linux-dmabuf: un-deprecate format events

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Wed Apr 10 05:46:53 UTC 2019


Thanks for your patch.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 1:22 AM, Chia-I Wu <olvaffe at gmail.com> wrote:
> Format events are used to return supported formats while modifier
> evetns are used to return supported modifiers for each supported

Typo: events

> format.
> For example, if an implementation is based on EGL, it may send one
> format event for each format returned by eglQueryDmaBufFormatsEXT,
> and one modifier event for each modifier returned by
> eglQueryDmaBufModifiersEXT.

Can you explain the rationale behind this change, why the other has
been abandoned, why this one is better?

In wlroots we send modifier events with DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID in case
no modifier can be used with the format.

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