2019 X.Org Foundation Elections Results... and a Redo

Wentland, Harry Harry.Wentland at amd.com
Fri Apr 12 00:10:32 UTC 2019

Correction on the link for the mock election. That should be https://members.x.org/ballot/3/vote, not /admin.

It will also be linked from the members homepage and shown as the current ballot.


On 2019-04-11 8:03 p.m., Harry Wentland wrote:
> To all X.Org Foundation Members:
> The 2019 X.Org ballot closed yesterday. There is some good and some bad news.
> The Good News:
> The vote on the bylaw changes passed with 53 for, 1 against, and 2 abstaining.
> The Bad News:
> Due to some issues with our new members website all votes for new board members were recorded incorrectly. Thankfully this was fairly obvious. We believe we've found the bug and have a fix for it: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/xorg_membership/commit/15f27d45f1d9b1767377814835f2359f7f76c7e5
> The Redo:
> To assure you and us that we've completely fixed the issues with our elections site we have decided to run a brief mock election where you can vote for your favorite pastry. This will run until Monday Apr 15 noon UTC after which we'll tally and publish the results and confirm whether we fixed the issue. Please leave your vote at https://members.x.org/ballot/3/admin
> If this all looks good we will start the new election for board members a week from today, on Apr 18, until May 2.
> You can expect another email from me early-to-mid next week to confirm the start of the new election for board members.
> We received quite a few membership signups after the membership deadline. We've decided to approve all currently pending signups.
> Harry, on behalf of the X.Org elections committee

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