[RFC 0/1] Color manager calibration protocol v1

Erwin Burema e.burema at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 21:44:13 UTC 2019

On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 21:46, Simon Ser <contact at emersion.fr> wrote:
> On Monday, April 15, 2019 10:42 PM, Sebastian Wick <sebastian at sebastianwick.net> wrote:
> > > How would the client "measure"?
> >
> > With a colorimeter. Write some values that you expect to have a certain
> > color, read the actual colors, calculate the error.
> > I'm not sure if that answers your question.
> Sorry, I'm not familiar with these things.
> Yeah, this answers the question. Is this done manually or
> automatically?

Automatically mostly, the calibration software will communicate with
the calibration device (either a colorimeter or a spectrometer) most
likely via USB these days.

There is actually an open source/hardware colorimeter which can be
found here: https://hughski.com/index.html

> I guess most people don't have a colorimeter at home.

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