Setting a color space for a wl_surface

Jeffrey Kardatzke jkardatzke at
Mon Dec 9 22:30:10 UTC 2019

Wanted to post this to the list as an FYI for an implementation I did for
setting the color space for a wl_surface. This has now been merged into the
Chromium codebase. I was going to wait until this all settled out upstream,
but needed something done sooner than that was likely to happen. I do plan
to update this to whatever is settled on upstream when that happens.

For the entire change:

For just the colorspace protocol:

It's very straightforward, there's just one call to set the colorspace
which takes 4 constants which correspond to the gfx::ColorSpace in
Chromium. The values are for the primaries, transfer function, range and

Jeffrey Kardatzke
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