About libinput license.

Yoshiaki Seko seko.yoshiaki at nttd-mse.com
Fri Dec 20 03:46:00 UTC 2019

Dear libinput Developers

I'm Seko.I have a question.

We want to use libinput.
I see your  HP and I think libinput is MIT License.

But I think below module is used GPL codes, because the text is described below in the module header.
"Modelled after Linux' lib/ratelimit.c by Dave Young
 <hidave.darkstar at gmail.com>, which is licensed GPLv2."
(libinput/1.8.1-r0/libinput-1.8.1/src libinput-util.c ratelimit_test())

So, I'm thinking that the GPL is propagating, isn't it a problem?

Best regards.

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