Wayland / Weston Multi Display Client-Side Functionality

AMAR SEN amar.sen at ddu.du.ac.in
Mon Feb 25 07:21:43 UTC 2019


1. Is there any client side functionality to handle multiple displays? It
can be seen as like a particular client has some options that can direct
the server to show frames on either of the displays or both (multiple
displays) of them at the same time. If it has such functionality, can
somebody point me to an example implementation of such client?

2. As I have read at multiple places that weston supports multi-display for
drm based devices, is it also possible for fbdev backend, or it has some
functionality constraint that do not let that to work on fbdev?

3. I am actually using weston-3.0.0 version for my project, does it have
multi-display support for any backend? If yes, can someone please help me
find  the commit to the wayland weston project which brought in the
multi-display support?

Amar Sen
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