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Mon Jun 24 06:55:49 UTC 2019

> On 22 May 2019, at 21:36, Ilia Bozhinov <ammen99 at> wrote:
> If you have a panel/any UI elements, then you most probably have a protocol to communicate that the UI element surface is a special surface. You could then just extend this protocol so that you specify Z-ordering of these surfaces, and then the compositor should respect that.
> If it might help here is the wlr-layer-shell protocol:
> With it, you basically have several layers where you can put the UI elements that you have drawn outside of the compositor, and then you can use the `namespace` to adjust ordering within the specific layer.

I am attempting to implement wlr-layer-shell on a libweston-based compositor.

What would be the equivalent of wlr_surface_has_buffer () for a weston_surface?

In the get_popup function, what could I use instead of wlr_xdg_surface and wlr_xdg_popup?


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