[ANNOUNCE] weston 6.0.1

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Mon Jun 24 15:58:09 UTC 2019

Weston 6.0.1 is released with build system fixes to smooth the
transition to Meson. Other miscellaneous bugfixes are also included.

Note that the PGP signing key has changed to 0FDE7BE0E88F5E48.

- (1):
      zunitc: Fix undeclared identifier 'NULL'

Alexandros Frantzis (1):
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: Properly check for error in gbm_bo_get_handle_for_plane

Antonio Borneo (2):
      clients: close unused keymap fd
      log: remove "%m" from format strings by using strerror(errno)

Daniel Stone (2):
      weston: Properly test for output-creation failure
      compositor: Don't ignore --use-pixman for Wayland backend

Fabrice Fontaine (1):
      Fix build with kernel < 4.4

Harish Krupo (4):
      meson.build: Fix warning for configure_file
      window.c: Don't assume registry advertisement order
      data-device: send INVALID_FINISH when operation != dnd
      Fix: clients/window: Premature finish request when copy-pasting

Kamal Pandey (1):
      FIX: weston: clients: typo in simple-dmabuf-egl.c

Luca Weiss (1):
      Fix incorrect include

Marius Vlad (3):
      meson.build/libweston: Fix clang warning for export-dynamic
      compositor: Fix invalid view numbering in scene-graph
      compositor: Fix missing new line when displaying buffer type for EGL buffer

Pekka Paalanen (7):
      meson: link editor with gobject-2.0
      meson: link cms-colord with glib and gobject
      meson: link remoting with glib and gobject
      meson: DRM-backend demands GBM
      meson: dep fix for compositor.h needing xkbcommon.h
      build: add missing dep to x11 backend
      libweston: fix protocol install path

Scott Anderson (1):
      compositor: Fix incorrect use of bool options

Sebastian Wick (1):
      weston-terminal: Fix weston-terminal crash on mutter

Silva Alejandro Ismael (1):
      compositor: fix segfaults if wl_display_create fails

Simon Ser (1):
      build: bump to version 6.0.1 for the point release

Tomohito Esaki (1):
      cairo-util: Don't set title string to Pango layout if the title is NULL

git tag: 6.0.1

MD5:  e7b10710ef1eac82258f97bfd41fe534  weston-6.0.1.tar.xz
SHA1: 3b39e454b3dc8dc32598790cfcc65728b448378b  weston-6.0.1.tar.xz
SHA256: bf2f6d5aae2e11cabb6bd69a76bcf9edb084f8c3e14ca769bea7234a513155b4  weston-6.0.1.tar.xz
SHA512: 3da04ff9b884480ce0824950347185e55584e3938021fe62014423d3d51577eafdda8de650a5de6eb37a842130c9cb14c7a952a560f6be93ff973164363af3d9  weston-6.0.1.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-6.0.1.tar.xz.sig

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