[RFC wayland-protocols v2 1/1] Add the color-management protocol

Kai-Uwe ku.b-list at gmx.de
Thu Mar 7 08:16:48 UTC 2019

Am 07.03.19 um 02:47 schrieb Graeme Gill:
> Niels Ole Salscheider wrote:
> Hi,
>> We added the device link profiles for "professional" applications that want to 
>> have full control. 
> Right, but with the availability of wl_surface.enter/leave events, the
> client can keep track of which displays the surface is mapped to,
> and do its own color conversion for the highest priority
> display. So device links aren't needed. This simplifies the

Device links are a serialisation of a color transform. lcms supports to
dump color transforms to device links and load a device link into a
color transform. Device link profiles come with little effort. Device
links provide applications a entry to let the compositor do custom color
space conversions on the GPU.

> compositor requirements considerably (no need to support
> buffers with up to 15 channels).
Constrain device link to 3 in/out color channels as for the surface
color space too. No need for 15 channels here.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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