HDR support in Wayland/Weston

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Fri Mar 8 08:41:36 UTC 2019

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> It was never reliable for that. Other clients using any of those
> mechanisms could always interfere, at least for the RandR compatibility
> output.

I disagree. It was reliable in the sense that running the
profile loader set it to a known state, irrespective
of whatever other applications may have done via
other API's. With the behavior changed to combine
all the API settings, there is no simple way to
set it to a known state.

> To make all these mechanisms work reliably and consistently at all times.

Except it has the opposite effect in a color management sense !

> If you have specific suggestions, please post them to the xorg-devel
> mailing lists or create a merge request at
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/merge_requests .

Fair enough.

	Graeme Gill.

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