[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.12.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Mar 14 05:57:43 UTC 2019

The first RC for libinput 1.13 is now available.

Only two notable features in this release but patches are accumulating on
master, it's been 6 months since 1.12 and I've decided to postpone the two
major features (hi-res scrolling and totem support) to 1.14.

Touch arbitration has improved for tablets, especially on touch screens.
A timer set on pen proximity out means we don't get ghost touches anymore
when the hand lifts off slower than the pen itself. And location-based touch
arbitration means that parts of the screen can be interacted with even while
the pen is in proximity. libinput uses the tilt information where
available to disable touches in a rectangle around the pen where the hand is
likely to be but leaves the rest of the touchscreen available otherwise.
Where the UI supports it, this allows for bimanual interaction.

The test suite is installed on demand (meson -Dinstall-tests=true). Where
run from the installed location it will use the normal library lookups and
the quirks directory as defined by the prefix. This makes it useful for
distribution-level testing, i.e. run this on a test machine after updating
the package to make sure everything is as expected. Where available, you can
invoke it with the "libinput test-suite" command.

Other than that, a load of fixes, quirks added, cleanups, tidy-ups and so on
an so forth.

As usual, the git shortlog is below. Many thanks to all the contributors.

Arick McNiel-Cho (1):
      Added quirk for HP Spectre x360 Convertable 15-bl1xx touchpad.

Benjamin Poirier (2):
      evdev: Rename some debouncing functions for consistency
      evdev: Do not perform spurious detection when spurious is already enabled

Benjamin Tissoires (4):
      GitLab CI: replace occurrences of docker by container
      GitLab CI: use buildah/podman instead of docker
      GitLab CI: use extends to simplify declaration of jobs
      GitLab CI: Fix clean up stage

Christoffer Holmstedt (1):
      quirks: add ModelBouncingKeys for Contour RollerMouse

Diep Pham (2):
      add quirk for Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th Trackpoint
      Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Trackpoint

Furkan Tokac (1):
      test: Missing test cases for palm detection based on touch size

Henré Botha (1):
      Reduce button scroll timeout to 38ms

Jan Beich (1):
      meson.build: gnu90 alias for gnu89 may not be supported

Josh Holland (1):
      Fix typos in README.md

Konstantin Kharlamov (2):
      evdev: inline evdev_log_msg_va
      evdev: don't execute snprintf if not gonna print

Nathaniel Roach (1):
      quirks: don't disable keyboard device for Acer Spin 5 when in tablet mode

Pascal Kockwelp (1):
      quirks: add a quirk for the Lenovo L380 (Yoga) clickpad

Peter Hutterer (107):
      path: don't leak the udev device on failure
      tools: handle sigint in debug-gui
      tools: debug-events: install the signal handler before any libinput operations
      tools: make the tools exit with exit code 2 on usage issues
      tools: add a test for tool option parsing
      tools: let debug-events take a device path
      tools: draw evdev events in the debug-gui
      meson: increase timeout for the option parsing test
      doc/user: bugzilla → gitlab issue
      gitlab CI: fix ubuntu version for 18.04
      gitlab CI: switch Ubuntu 17.10 to test 18.10 instead
      Drop explicit version requirement for libevdev
      quirks: add a quirk for the Lenovo T480s clickpad
      filter: fix typo in comment
      tools: don't apply config options on device removed
      tools: measure-fuzz: fix exception printing
      tools: measure-fuzz: downgrade the fuzz mismatch error to just a warning
      tools: measure-fuzz: fix a typo
      tools: measure-fuzz: slightly expand the help
      tools: libinput-record: record the hid report descriptor where available
      doc: fix doxygen references for libinput_get_user_data
      include: update input-event-codes.h to v4.19
      test: add test devices for the Cintiq Pro 16
      Update gitlab templates for label renames
      doc/user: fix a leftover html tag
      tools: document show-keycodes option for libinput-record
      doc: correct a slightly ambiguous @ref wording
      doc: add missing @ref
      test: clarify a confusing comment
      test: don't enable tapping for the touch arbitration test
      test: fetch the is-touchpad in arbitration tests from a input property
      test: store the device type in the test device struct
      test: automate the tablet pairing for the arbitration tests
      test: run the 'keep ignoring' arbitration tests on the cintiqs as well
      quirks: enforce uppercase hex numbers
      meson.build: bump to 1.12.900
      meson.build: replace manual checks with cc.has_function()
      evdev: cancel the button scroll timer on device removed
      fallback: when force-releasing keys, release them directly
      test: add an additional final libinput_dispatch()
      evdev: cancel the middle button timer on device removed
      test: add a test for normal touchpad button presses
      touchpad: release all button presses on device suspend
      fallback: add timer-based touch arbitration
      test: add a LITEST_DIRECT feature for the wacom cintiqs
      evdev: introduce a touch arbitration enum
      fallback: force the palm state to PALM_NONE on touch begin
      evdev: add a rectangle to the touch arbitration
      tablet: add tilt-based touch arbitration for screen tablets
      test: up the ratelimit tests to 1000ms
      quirks: add a quirk to ignore unreliable tablet mode switch devices
      fallback: fix a comment typo
      filter: drop an unused function and an unused struct
      pad: rename the include guard
      evdev: fix a a compiler warning
      udev: drop unused function
      meson.build: define HAVE_LOCALE_H
      udev: restrict the seat ID to 256 characters
      path: limit path device nodes to PATH_MAX characters
      include: add MT_TOOL_DIAL to freebsd's input.h
      Add a bit() macro
      Drop the AS_MASK macro, replace with bit
      timer: print the timers still in the list before the assert
      fallback: cancel the arbitration timer on device remove
      gitlab CI: update arch linux source image
      touchpad: fix typo in comment
      test: remove hwdb leftovers
      tools: debug-gui: show cancelled touches as unfilled circles
      tools: debug-gui: move the lmr button handling into a substruct
      tools: draw other buttons in the debug-gui
      tools: draw the tablet before the touch points
      test: make litest robust for ABS_MT_POSITION_X-only devices
      test: mark all current tablets as having a hover feature
      test: set LITEST_HOVER for all tests that require the hover feature
      test: fix the tablet motion test
      test: fix the tablet relative delta test
      test: skip the tablet pressure test if we don't have pressure
      test: add another helper to discard specific events
      tools: debug-gui: move the pointer delta code to draw_pointer
      tools: debug-gui: add a previously unbalanced cairo_restore()
      tools: debug-gui: change the tablet color
      doc/user: swap udevadm hwdb for systemd-hwdb
      test: remove unreachable code
      test: check for a non-null libinput in the new udev_create_seat_too_long test
      test: replace != NULL checks with ck_assert_notnull
      doc/user: replace evemu with libinput-record in the documentation
      tools: record: print a helpful error message when we don't have devices
      fallback: fix grammar in comment
      tools: group the scroll bits into a struct
      tools: display the discrete axis steps too
      include: sync kernel headers for v5.0
      doc/user: correct the test suite runner invocation
      doc/user: put an extra note in regarding the test suite
      test: minor warning message change
      test: clip the exit code to 255
      tools: skip the option parsing test during valgrind
      test: add --help to the test suite runner
      test: split the test-specific #defines out
      test: install the test device udev rule from a string
      test: split up the quirks installations
      test: split the library version test out
      test: move the double assert macros to a separate header
      test: split out the unit tests into a separate test suite
      tools: move the builddir lookup function out to a separate file
      test: add an option to skip installing our quirks into the test system
      test: make the test suite runner available as installed binary
      libinput 1.12.901

Peter Seiderer (1):
      meson.build: enable CPP include check only in case CPP compiler is available

Thomas Profitt (1):
      quirks: Adjust MacBookPro11,2 touchpad PalmSize

Thomas Sailer (2):
      Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA tablet mode switch misbehaving
      ModelTabletModeNoSuspend=1 is currently only honored for keyboards, but not touchpads. This commit changes that.

makepost (2):
      README: update documentation links
      util: fall back to strtod if no locale in libc

git tag: 1.12.901

MD5:  dfacd6c1c23697c1de0c6efd68a0dae9  libinput-1.12.901.tar.xz
SHA1: 8d40a32fe0253dce7672b389742e7d2357c023b3  libinput-1.12.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 9a9826db304604f60f7b91b741943d4af59cefeaab0dac4e4f172b898117443a  libinput-1.12.901.tar.xz
SHA512: 98801fc25cf56126d25d17128f7f344371a0edee5b762709dac22e272abcdf134d69d83fa9c014007fbc193079d447cd20b12563ae8a8c6844b3e3d191663f25  libinput-1.12.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.12.901.tar.xz.sig

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