Using libweston with GTK/GDK

adlo adloconwy at
Fri May 3 04:40:46 UTC 2019

On Wed, 2019-05-01 at 12:34 +0300, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
> it is all just the normal Wayland protocol exchange but with a new
> interface of your own design. I'm not sure if there is a really
> minimal example, but I'll list at least some.
> One example of such private protocol extension is

autotools doesn't seem to be generating the header files. I've put 

AC_ARG_VAR([wayland_scanner], [The wayland-scanner executable])
AC_PATH_PROG([wayland_scanner], [wayland-scanner])
if test x$wayland_scanner = x; then
        if test "x$cross_compiling" != "xyes"; then
                PKG_CHECK_MODULES(WAYLAND_SCANNER, [wayland-scanner])
                wayland_scanner=`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=wayland_scanner 
                AC_MSG_WARN([You are cross compiling without wayland-
scanner in your path.  make check will fail.])

in my What else do I need to do?

In the meantime, I worked around it by running wayland-scanner and
manually generating the header files, but when trying to do this:

static const struct xyz_interface xyz_implementation =



  wl_global_create (server->compositor->wl_display,
                    &xyz_interface, 1,
                    server, bind_desktop_shell);

the compiler gave me messages like "xyz_implementation has initializer
but incomplete type" and "storage size of xyz_implementation isn't
known" How can I resolve this?

Also, what's the best way to include my private protocol's header
files, being as my code is in $(topdir)/src and the protocol headers
are in $(topdir)/protocols?



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