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Alexandre Mazari scaroo at
Sat May 25 13:23:07 UTC 2019

Greetings wayland-devel,

I am currently looking at ways to abstract Xisms in Plasma global-menu
daemon and applet and provide a Wayland implementation.

X11/xcb is currently used there to set and obtain to/from the *active*
window some metadata (atoms) relative to the DBus address of the
application menu provider.

A wayland implementation [0] should first be able to track the active
AFAIK, none of the current protocols provides such mechanism.
I wonder whether that is by design to avoid some info leakage or
would an activeSurface/activeWindow method/signal couple make sense in
xdg-shell or xdg_surface?

Moreover, the shell compositor often has the best knowledge of the link
between surface/window and their owner application. Specific clients (like
the global-menu) might be interested in this data, avoiding convoluted ways
to do the matching. a get_app_id request in xdg shell could prove useful

What do you think?

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