Anyway to update `xkb_keymap` after `wl_display_run` ?

Daniel Stone daniel at
Sun Sep 1 07:30:00 UTC 2019

Hi Sichem,

On Sat, 31 Aug 2019 at 03:01, Sichem Zhou <sichem.zh at> wrote:
> I hope to make a follow up to this thread. I made a change and submitted to MR but it seemed to gain little interest so I am trying my luck here.
> My problem is that I need to change `xkb_keymap` in the Weston run time, though it is certainly do able though weston_seat_update_keymap, but I found it is cleaner to do it through the exposed API `weston_compositor_set_xkb_rule_names`. So I modified it a little bit to call `weston_seat_update_keymap` internally. My test indicates it seemed to work well so I hope it's a valid change to be merged. Or if there is any problems I hope to have some feedbacks.

I did see the MR you posted on Monday, but have not had the time to
comment on it until today. Usually if a couple of days passes it does
not mean that no-one cares or is interested, just that our review time
is limited. (Especially since you did actually get some review on the
MR ...)


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