wayland-protocols scope and governance

Drew DeVault sir at cmpwn.com
Thu Sep 19 18:10:24 UTC 2019

On Tue Sep 17, 2019 at 7:53 PM Jonas Ã…dahl wrote:
> I think both for stable and unstable the same limitation can be
> as problematic. A protocol that fits in xdg/wp may still only be
> relevant for a single compositor and multiple toolkits, or vice versa,
> even when declared stable. Seems to me like the wrong method to keep
> quality of wp/xdg protocols high.

If a protocol is only useful for one compositor, I think that compositor
ought to manage the stability and governance of that protocol itself. If
there aren't multiple stakeholders who need to be kept happy, then why
is it even necessary to bring that protocol into shared governance? It's
up to the single stakeholder to make any promises towards stability or
design that they see fit with those who depend on them.

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