Chrome Remote Desktop and Wayland

Erik Jensen rkjnsn at
Thu Apr 9 19:05:57 UTC 2020

On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 12:17 AM Jonas Ådahl <jadahl at> wrote:
> DRM master and input device revocation should be handled more or less
> already by most if not all compositors, by closing devices, by then
> going dorment until access is returned to the compositor. I don't know
> if there is any compositor that can already handle continuing it's
> session headless with an active PipeWire stream.

Ideally, (though not a strict requirement for us), there'd also be a
way to specify the resolution of the offscreen virtual display (to
match the resolution of the client) without modifying the modes used
locally once the session is switched back to the local display(s).

> More or less, yes. Launching sessions without DRM master and going
> headless is probably things we can add capability fields for in the
> session .desktop files, and show dialogs like "Wait" or "Terminate
> session" if a conflict appears (as mentioned in the linked GDM bug). All
> of this would also not need be specific to a certain windowing system,
> so that you we can use the same APIs for handling both Wayland sessions,
> X11 sessions, and whatever more types that may eventually appear.

You mentioned that integration with session management makes sense to
discuss with display manager folks. Where would be the best place to
discuss other such potential cross-windowing system remote-desktop
APIs like .desktop fields or headless startup?


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