appId title / Iconic dock launchers

David Edmundson david at
Sun Apr 12 12:13:25 UTC 2020

This may be a question for the general xdg mailing list.

>All of the above are exposed as $XDG_DATA_DIRS whatever application you pin
depends on the priority the lookup is done, very often it will not pin
the application it should!

I wouldn't remotely call it "broken by design". There are legitimate
cases for overriding it's relatively common to override
firefox.desktop or whatever into your local paths so that you can
meddle with the environment. But semantically those do want to refer
to the same thing and explicitly not update every launcher.

Ultimately it comes down to if things should have different IDs they
should have different IDs. That's a client problem, not a wayland
problem.  In KDE3 and KDE4 times we used to have an argument we passed
in to applications where we would pass the .desktop file name as an
argument which would then be used for the X11 startup notifications. I
think that's what would solve your problem best.

>I imagine it could be possible additionally to appId and title to expose maybe the path to the actual binary?

You do have the pid from the client. From that you have the path to
the "actual binary" already.


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