Chrome Remote Desktop and Wayland

Ray Strode halfline at
Fri Apr 17 15:18:01 UTC 2020


On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 9:58 AM Benjamin Berg <benjamin at> wrote:
> I do however think there is value in supporting such delegation from
> the logind side. A primary motivator for me here is systemd-homed, as
> it may freeze the user session, making it impossible to re-authenticate
> from within.
So my plan for systemd-homed was going to be to just make the GDM session
worker jump to VT1. Today, if we jump to VT1 a login screen will materialize
and all should just work.

We could add some mechanism to logind to register where a login screen will go
and provide a way for logind to jump to that login screen instead, sure.

> And really, it would be better if we don't let the user ever see their own password.
not sure what you mean by this. are you talking about ensuring trusted path?

If so, I agree it's better if we don't have the user entering their
password in their
own session.  In an ideal world we'd have a "secure attention" key or key
sequence on the keyboard that users hit when it's time to type their password.

> But, it should be as simple as logind forcing a VT switch to the
> correct greeter UI/session. Plus a little bit more magic to maybe spin
> up the UI in the background before suspending and pre-selecting the
> user to make the experience smoother.
Right, I'm definitely not opposed to api getting added to logind for
this, but I also
don't think it's strictly necessary.  We can do it all from GDM pretty easily.
Probably when I play with systemd-homed I'll prototype things out on the GDM
side first.

But, I also think this is an orthogonal discussion to remote desktop support.
(maybe one better for the systemd list?)


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