repaint after notify_button() ?

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Mon Feb 10 22:15:49 UTC 2020

addendum: screen refreshes also happen about 10 seconds after the notify_button "click".

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Subject: repaint after notify_button() ?


I'm using compositor-drm.c as a starting point and am injecting remote input events, using compositor-rdp.c as an example.

Currently the output doesn't repaint after "clicking" on a button by calling:
    notify_motion_absolute(seat, evtime, x, y);
    notify_button(seat, evtime, btn, state);

I finally see the result of the button press after the clock updates, or if I run any gl app in the background (ex.  weston-simple-egl).  The buttons I'm clicking on is to launch weston-terminal and close the terminal.  Same results when clicking within weston-clickdot app's window.  I tried calling: weston_output_schedule_repaint(&output->base); with no success.

How can I get these apps to trigger repaint when clicked?

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