[ANNOUNCE] wayland 1.17.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Tue Jan 21 14:37:23 UTC 2020

This is the alpha release for Wayland 1.18. Here's a highlight of the
biggest changes:

- Add support for the Meson build system (autotools is still supported
  but will be removed in a future release)
- Add API to tag proxy objects to allow applications and toolkits to
  share the same Wayland connection
- Track wayland-server timers in user-space to prevent creating too
  many FDs
- Add wl_global_remove, a new function to mitigate race conditions with

Thanks to all contributors!

Full commit history below.

Antonio Borneo (1):
      log: remove "%m" from format strings by using strerror(errno)

Daniel Stone (2):
      build/doc: Ensure destination dir exists despite VPATH
      display-test: Remove unused variables

Drew DeVault (3):
      Document unusual wl_registry.bind new_id behavior
      Add .editorconfig
      Improve description of wl_surface

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (2):
      cursor: Use memfd_create() when available
      wayland-shm: Don’t set SIGBUS handlers on unshrinkable fd

Emmanuele Bassi (2):
      Support running tests from different build directories
      Add Meson build

Harish Krupo (2):
      docs: Abort configure if docbook-xsl package is missing
      wayland.xml: document invalid_finish error in wl_data_offer.finish

Jiayuan Ren (1):
      adding O_RDWR flag in the open()

Jonas Ådahl (1):
      proxy: Add API to tag proxy objects

Joshua Watt (2):
      scanner: Add configure check for strndup
      Move wl_priv_signal to wayland-server-private.h

Leonid Bobrov (1):
      configure: detect libdl and librt

Liu Wenlong (1):
      server: Fix fake "Address already in use" error

Manuel Stoeckl (13):
      scanner: error when element names will not compile
      tests: Verify that wayland_scanner can catch bad identifiers
      protocol: clarify wl_display.delete_id description
      connection: do not abort when dup(fd) fails
      client: Ignore new requests if display has a fatal error
      client: Don't abort when sending a request fails
      tests: Test that send overflow doesn't abort
      tests: Fix race condition in send overflow test
      tests: Ensure that overflow test always overflows
      event-loop-test: Verify proper timer cancellation
      event-loop-test: Confirm distant timers do not fire
      event-loop: Track timer event sources in userspace
      event-loop-test: Add test to verify timer ordering

Marty E. Plummer (1):
      scanner: prepend protocol name to types symbol

Michael Forney (3):
      Use wl_container_of internally
      Avoid pointer arithmetic on `void *`
      protocol: fix typo in wl_data_offer.set_actions description

Mosè Giordano (1):
      Add $(RT_LIBS) to fixed-benchmark LD dependencies

Pekka Paalanen (2):
      configure.ac: reopen master for regular development
      scanner: include config.h from command line

Scott Anderson (1):
      wayland.xml: Make releases for multiple 'wl_surface.attach' undefined

Simon Ser (22):
      Add releasing.txt
      releasing: adapt for Wayland
      releasing: fixup section numbers
      protocol: allow to send a zero output refresh rate
      client: check event opcode in queue_event
      Update .editorconfig for Python
      Add an automated script to update wl_shm.format
      protocol: add a comment about the wl_shm.format script
      protocol: sync wl_shm.format with libdrm 2.4.99
      server: check global interface on bind
      tests: test that binding to a global with an interface mismatch fails
      protocol: invalid_method is sent on malformed request
      server: add wl_global_set_user_data
      server: add wl_global_remove
      tests: add a test for wl_global_remove
      build: check wayland-scanner version
      Revert "build: check wayland-scanner version"
      meson: use strict wayland-scanner mode
      autotools: use strict wayland-scanner mode
      build: check wayland-scanner version
      protocol: add missing enums for wl_data_device_manager.dnd_action
      build: bump to version 1.17.91 for the alpha release

asynts (1):
      doc: Expand the abbreviation "hw" to "hardware".

orbea (1):
      Add a missing -pthread to fix compile with slibtool.

git tag: 1.17.91

MD5:  84cfb96e3c98879174b63da0e84db67b  wayland-1.17.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 71adf4b2f19a78bb2a2a28ebd58e957b0f2ac73e  wayland-1.17.91.tar.xz
SHA256: 7dea2177db78954dc65f34952a899ec4db5e62bebdeb97d6ae3b8d2b1344a844  wayland-1.17.91.tar.xz
SHA512: ac55bd61da88d994cb1065abbd6c24525fdae2e04b5091f80c5474cb71729f86b3e0f6f25854cd79b62b4bfd39231f57e9004a63037318665254729e4c12dd5e  wayland-1.17.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-1.17.91.tar.xz.sig

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