[ANNOUNCE] Weston 9.0 release schedule

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Thu Jul 2 08:05:16 UTC 2020


On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 20:13, Simon Ser <contact at emersion.fr> wrote:
> On Wednesday, July 1, 2020 8:49 PM, Jan Engelhardt <jengelh at inai.de> wrote:
> > Usecases.. checking for releases, both new and, sometimes historic research,
> > old ones.
> >
> > A fileindex has a "tabular" appearance where each "row" contains filename and
> > date, and that table be sorted primarily by filename with no extra grouping, so
> > that wayland-* and weston-* releases are not interspersed.
> >
> > The release page is the antithesis to that: it presents items like a
> > blog rather than a filelisting, grouped by date with a static
> > reverse-date ordering, and grouping different filenames by date as
> > well. Imagine if `ls -l` did that all the time.
> IMHO the releases page is enough for this use-case. The difference is
> not worth the time figuring out how to enable file listing (which
> requires having access to the infrastructure, and our sysadmins already
> have too much on their plate).

GitLab Pages doesn't do file listings, so it's not just a matter of
enabling the thing in nginx, but we'd have to generate a listing
index.html as part of our static site generation.

To be honest, I think you're looking in the wrong place though. Every
release of both Wayland and Weston always has a tag in git, and git
tags are only ever used for releases. So if you want to find out more,
just run `git tag -l` on each of the two repositories (or `git
ls-remote --tags
https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/(wayland|weston).git`) and have
all the information you need?


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