[ANNOUNCE] weston 8.0.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Thu Jul 30 21:19:45 UTC 2020

This is the alpha release for Weston 9.0.0. This release cycle has been
pretty quiet, with just a few new features:

- A new kiosk shell allows to display regular desktop apps in an
  always-fullscreen mode
- Improved testing infrastructure: the test harness has been
  redesigned, DRM tests are now supported, DRM and OpenGL tests are now
  enabled in our CI
- DRM panel orientation property support

As always, a number of bug fixes are included as well.

Thanks to all contributors!

Full commit history below.

Alexandros Frantzis (2):
      xdg-shell: Allow fullscreen surfaces to not cover the whole screen
      kiosk-shell: Introduce kiosk/fullscreen shell for desktop apps

Antonio Caggiano (2):
      compositor: Print error opening log file
      compositor: Quit when failing to open log file

Daniel Stone (16):
      gl-renderer: Fail earlier if shader compilation fails
      gl-renderer: Avoid double-free on init failure
      compositor: Fix default transforms when output section declared
      compositor: Fail output configuration on invalid transform
      compositor: Use weston_head transform for output default
      compositor: Fail on invalid transform for headless
      wayland-backend: Fully damage initial SHM buffer
      xdg-shell: More helpful surface-state-mismatch error
      x11: Remove unnecessary NULL checks
      drm: Remove trailing whitespace
      drm: Remove unnecessary condition in drm_output_render reuse
      drm: Get renderer buffer size from drm_fb
      gl-renderer: Replace display-create args with struct
      gl-renderer: Replace window-create args with struct
      gl-renderer: Replace pbuffer-create args with struct
      pixman-renderer: Replace output-create flags with struct

Frank Binns (1):
      shared: fix unused variable warning

Guillaume Champagne (10):
      launcher: move weston_environment_get_fd
      window: fix missing prototypes warning
      libweston: add missing include
      meson: add -Wmissing-prototypes to the build
      headless: fix uninitialized variable
      tests: release resources on compositor destruction
      backend-rdp: fix unresolved symbols errors
      backend-rdp: enable undefined functions errors.
      meson: add lcms2 dependency to cms-colord
      meson: enable undefined functions errors for colord

James Hilliard (2):
      unconditionally include sys/mman.h in os-compatibility.c
      libweston: don't clean up surface role

Jimmy Ohn (2):
      screen-share: don't get weston_config object before zalloc
      xwayland/window-manager: add a NULL check to fail when frame_create fails

Ken C (1):
      set SURFACE_BITS_COMMAND cmdType explicitly

Kirill Chibisov (1):
      libweston: Send wl_keyboard.modifiers after wl_keyboard.enter

Leandro Ribeiro (29):
      weston-log: rename a confusing parameter name in weston_compositor_add_log_scope()
      weston-log: rename a confusing parameter name in weston_log_subscription_printf()
      weston-log: rename the confusing function name weston_compositor_add_log_scope()
      weston-log: rename the confusing function name weston_compositor_log_scope_destroy()
      weston-log: rename the confusing function name weston_compositor_add_log_scope()
      weston-log: add function to avoid direct access to compositor members in non-core code
      backend-drm: stop direct accessing core struct member
      compositor: stop direct accessing core struct member
      content-protection: stop direct accessing core struct member
      pipewire: stop direct accessing core struct member
      xwayland: stop direct accessing core struct member
      weston-log: fold weston_log_ctx_compositor_setup() into weston_compositor_create()
      weston-log: rename weston_log_ctx_compositor_create() to weston_log_ctx_create()
      weston-log: replace weston_log_ctx_compositor_destroy() by weston_log_ctx_destroy()
      libweston: fold weston_compositor_tear_down() into weston_compositor_destroy()
      weston-log: rename weston_log_subscriber::destroy to destroy_subscription
      weston-log: merge functions that destroy different types of subscribers
      weston-log: destroy subscriptions with destruction of subscribers
      weston-log: share code between weston_log_scope_destroy() and weston_log_subscriber_release()
      compositor: destroy log context only after the destruction of subscribers
      weston-log-wayland: make stream_destroy() use weston_log_subscriber_release()
      tests: don't use width and height for drm/fbdev backend tests
      tests: properly select renderer for DRM-backend
      drm-backend: add --continue-without-input command line option to DRM-backend
      tests: add support to run drm-backend tests locally
      tests: add drm-backend smoke test
      launcher: do not touch VT/tty while using non-default seat
      gitlab CI: add support for DRM-backend tests
      drm-backend: remove log that advertises universal planes support

Lucas Stach (2):
      libweston: Add transform to weston_head
      backend-drm: Parse KMS panel orientation property, apply to weston_head

Marius Vlad (7):
      client/dmabuf-v4l: Use zwp_linux_dmabuf version 3
      clients/dmabuf-v4l: Pass FLAGS_Y_INVERT to linux-dmabuf if v4l2 reports so
      clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l: Convert to use getopt_long
      clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l: Add Y_INVERT option flag
      clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l: Add 'weston-direct-display' protocol
      clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l: Dmabuf-contiguous for vivid module
      desktop-shell: Avoid retrieving output's width/height if none present

Michael Olbrich (2):
      compositor: fix endless recursion in scene-graph printing
      gl-renderer: query EGL to determine if GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES should be used

Paul Menzel (1):
      man/weston-drm: Use third person singular conjugation

Pekka Paalanen (51):
      tests: test-runner needs wayland-client
      doc: output management sequence diagrams
      xwm: fix initially-fullscreen windows
      xwm: remove configure_source on dispatch
      xwm: remove configure_source on destroy
      xwm: do not configure frame window None
      xwm: always configure on send_configure()
      compositor: add test suite data
      tests: move exit() from run_test()
      tests: thread-based client harness
      tests: stop relying on environment in the new harness
      doc: overview of the test suite
      tests: migrate string and vertex-clip
      tests: migrate ivi-layout-test
      tests: migrate ivi-layout-internal
      tests: migrate ivi-shell-app
      tests: migrate internal-screenshot
      tests: migrate surface, surface-global
      meson: remove tests_weston_plugin
      tests: migrate devices
      tests: migrate client tests
      tests: migrate linux-explicit-synchronization
      tests: migrate xwayland
      tests: remove tests_weston and WESTON_TEST_CLIENT_PATH
      weston-log-flight-rec: allow re-running a compositor
      tests: add range argument for fuzzy image matching
      build: add test-gl-renderer option
      CI: do not attempt to test GL-renderer
      tests: run subsurface-shot on GL too
      CI: build a Mesa shapshot for getImage/putImage on pbuffer swrast
      Revert "CI: do not attempt to test GL-renderer"
      clients: transformed does not recognize -d
      libweston: document weston_transformed_*()
      Redefine output rotations
      tests: move check_screen() into client helpers
      tests: rename check_screen() to verify_screen_content() + doc
      tests: allow verify_screen_content() w/o ref image
      compositor: add scale cmdline option for headless
      tests: add scale and transform compositor options
      tests: add get_test_fixture_index()
      tests: re-order test naming pattern
      tests: implement client_destroy()
      tests: expand allowed pixel fuzz for GL
      tests: add output transform tests
      tests: add buffer transform tests
      tests: print image difference statistics
      pixman-renderer: half-fix bilinear sampling on edges
      tests: move viewport creation into helpers
      tests: move fill_color into helpers
      tests: add viewport test for repeat mode
      timeline: convert vblank timestamp to MONOTONIC

Peter Hutterer (3):
      gitlab ci: switch to freedesktop ci-templates
      gitlab CI: update to recent fdo ci-templates
      libweston: replace 0 with the enum value for the xkb init flags

Philipp Zabel (1):
      build: add rpath to modules that use symbols from libexec_weston

Scott Anderson (6):
      Fix Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings
      gl-renderer: Move EGL client extension handling earlier
      gl-renderer: Move get_platform_display to EGL client setup
      gl-renderer: Move platform extension checks to EGL client setup
      gl-renderer: Move EGL display creation to egl-glue.c
      drm: Fix leak of damage blob id

Sebastian Wick (1):
      shared: guard all the seal logic behind HAVE_MEMFD_CREATE

Simon Ser (3):
      build: re-open master for regular development
      clients/window: fail earlier when frame_create fails
      build: bump to version 9.0.91 for the alpha release

Stefan Agner (8):
      weston-launch: do not close tty prematurely
      weston-launch: get ttynr also when no user is given
      weston-launch: fix newline in error message
      weston-launch: make sure weston-launch activates the VT
      weston-launch: check string truncation
      weston-launch: reset tty properly
      launcher-weston-launch: move send loop into separate function
      launcher-weston-launch: avoid race condition when switching VT merge

Tomek Bury (1):
      gl-renderer: fix pbuffer surface creation

Tomohito Esaki (1):
      drm: change timing to set color format for primary plane without universal plane

Veeresh Kadasani (1):
      ivi-application: fix grammar

ahe (1):
      fullscreen-shell/fullscreen-shell.c: prevent seat_created() from being called with l == NULL

git tag: 8.0.91

MD5:  0148f669da7decede0156e2c6bee833a  weston-8.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 477a705bd1d7d79066820abfc26fed5cc3ff17f2  weston-8.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: f6e77e1720a46177e9818cdf7626fda96dcfb0277bba3c677b549c5bc5cc87d4  weston-8.0.91.tar.xz
SHA512: caaa9cbdd6912a595e85daf28ea593c00425a63a588c7461ef858be156c202b30b65df640e5df4bf3c6b44f736bafbc76e14bb56baead633a1a72a692c2eab8f  weston-8.0.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-8.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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