[Intel-gfx] [Mesa-dev] gitlab.fd.o financial situation and impact on services

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at ndufresne.ca
Sun Mar 1 20:49:32 UTC 2020

Hi Jason,

I personally think the suggestion are still a relatively good
brainstorm data for those implicated. Of course, those not implicated
in the CI scripting itself, I'd say just keep in mind that nothing is
black and white and every changes end-up being time consuming.

Le dimanche 01 mars 2020 à 14:18 -0600, Jason Ekstrand a écrit :
> I've seen a number of suggestions which will do one or both of those things including:
>  - Batching merge requests

Agreed. Or at least I foresee quite complicated code to handle the case
of one batched merge failing the tests, or worst, with flicky tests.

>  - Not running CI on the master branch

A small clarification, this depends on the chosen work-flow. In
GStreamer, we use a rebase flow, so "merge" button isn't really
merging. It means that to merge you need your branch to be rebased on
top of the latest. As it is multi-repo, there is always a tiny chance
of breakage due to mid-air collision in changes in other repos. What we
see is that the post "merge" cannot even catch them all (as we already
observed once). In fact, it usually does not catch anything. Or each
time it cached something, we only notice on the next MR.0 So we are
really considering doing this as for this specific workflow/project, we
found very little gain of having it.

With real merge, the code being tested before/after the merge is
different, and for that I agree with you.

>  - Shutting off CI

Of course :-), specially that we had CI before gitlab in GStreamer
(just not pre-commit), we don't want a regress that far in the past.

>  - Preventing CI on other non-MR branches

Another small nuance, mesa does not prevent CI, it only makes it manual
on non-MR. Users can go click run to get CI results. We could also have
option to trigger the ci (the opposite of ci.skip) from git command

>  - Disabling CI on WIP MRs

That I'm also mitigated about.

>  - I'm sure there are more...


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