Getting Weston to use DRM/KMS planes

Wohlmuth, Oliver Oliver.Wohlmuth at
Wed Mar 25 10:20:21 UTC 2020


I just started to work with Wayland/Weston, so please forgive me if I ask silly questions.

I'm running Weston (8.0.0) on a custom ARM SoC using the DRM backend. As the OpenGL
driver is not (yet) adapted for Wayland, I'm running Weston using the '--use-pixman' option.
This works fine so far.
As our DRM/KMS driver supports several HW planes, I was debugging into the Weston
code trying to understand how Weston makes use of these HW planes (or what needs
to be done to get Weston use the HW planes). If I understand the code correctly:

    if (wl_shm_buffer_get(buffer->resource))
        return NULL;

Weston will never use HW planes for wl_shm_buffer, only for GBM or dmabuf type
buffer it will be used.

- Is this correct? What is the reason for this?
- Any suggestions how to get HW planes used without OpenGL rendering?
  Currently I think of patching Weston or implement a Weston client that
  uses dmabuf buffer. Any hint is appreciated that puts me on the most
  promising path.

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