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Matías Emanuel Denda Serrano matutetandil at
Tue Mar 31 21:29:01 UTC 2020

Hi, my name is Matias, I'm a Systems Engineer, I've never developed nor
helped developing something similar to this, but I'd like to start now.

Here is the deal, I'm a developer, and on my daily basis I use my laptop,
with time it gets obsolete and I have to change it (you may understand the
situation perfectly). In order to be hardware independent, most of my apps
are cloud-based, BUT there are some that don't, for instance, the IDE,
chat, general apps, etc. (Also, when I travel I have to go with my laptop,
and someone can steal it, it could be damaged, etc.)

So, my idea was simple, I get a cloud server, I install my favorite Linux
DIstro a Web Desktop Environment, and I access that machine for any place
in the world with a Web Browser... My surprise was: "There is No Web
Desktop Environment" or at least I couldn't find anything, probably because
no one thinks a server the way I think a server.

Summarizing, I'd like to develop and here is where I need your help or
starting point, something that lets me render the "screen" within a
browser. I'm VERY open to suggestions but basically my vision is to open a
browser enter to, I will be asked for my username and
password, and after the validation, I'll see the SAME Desktop Environment
that the server has. For Instance, if I installed GNOME, then I will see
GNOME (of course if Gnome supports Wayland).

Btw, using VNC, is not an option, it is very slow and is not what I want.
My idea is the browser to be the screen so I can minimize the traffic to
the minimum. Also, I don't care about moving files from the machine where
the browser is open.

Thanks in advance!


Ing. Matías Emanuel Denda Serrano
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