Contradiction: incorrect information about the usage of new_id in events

Andrey Bienkowski hexagonrecursion at
Sat Oct 31 18:26:04 UTC 2020

This says that advertisements of globals contain new_id
> The only events with new_id are advertisements of globals, and the server
will use IDs below 0x10000

but according to this advertisements of globals do not contain new_id
> wl_registry::global - announce global object
> name
>    uint - numeric name of the global object
> interface
>    string - interface implemented by the object
> version
>    uint - interface version

Furthermore all ids below 0x10000 are in the range reserved for the client
> Each object has a unique ID. The IDs are allocated by the entity creating
the object (either client or server). IDs allocated by the client are in
the range [1, 0xfeffffff] while IDs allocated by the server are in the
range [0xff000000, 0xffffffff].

Currently the core spec does contain one event with new_id:
wl_data_device.data_offer, but I expect (based on reading the spec) that it
would return ids from the range reserved for the server.

-- Andrey Bienkowski
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