Taiwins 0.2 is out

Sichem Zhou sichem.zh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 12:39:31 UTC 2020

Hi all,

A long while ago [1]. I introduced the Taiwins wayland compositor. It was
built upon libweston. It turned out despite my attempts, I couldn't get my
patches to merge in libweston. Libweston has quite a few bugs and missing
features to fit the role of a daily driver.

These past few months, Taiwins was going through a long refactoring process
in migrating from libweston. Today, taiwins uses a very thin layer of
wlroots for hardware abstraction, the next release will target on removing
the reliance of wlroots as well. Today it has the features of:

- dynamic window management.
- extensible and easy configuration through lua.
- very efficient GL renderer, updates only the damages.
- a widget system and you can create widgets through lua as well.
- built-in shell and application launcher.
- configurable theme.
- emacs-like key sequence based binding system.
- built-in profiler and rendering debugger.

Along the way, I developed Twobjects [2], a backend agnostic wayland object
implementation for compositors. This library implements basic wayland
protocols as well as various other wayland protocols like 'xdg-shell' and
many more. Using twobjects, you can focus on building your own unique
features for the compositor and let it handle the most tedious protocol
implementations.It doesn't expose everything as `wl_signals` like wlroots
does, so you don't need to write additional glue code for it.

Taiwins is still in development but missing features are getting less and
less, you can check out its website https://taiwins.org or if you would
like to help, check out the project page https://github.com/taiwins/taiwins
for getting started.


[2] https://github.com/taiwins/twobjects
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