[ANNOUNCE] wayvnc 0.3.1

Andri Yngvason andri at yngvason.is
Mon Sep 28 21:09:56 UTC 2020

New features since v0.2.0:

 * Copy & paste, thanks to Scott Moreau.
 * wayvnc now has a man page.
 * wayvnc now exits if authentication is enabled but fails.

Git commit history since v0.2.0:

Alexander Graul (1):
      Add openSUSE Tumbleweed installation instruction

Andri Yngvason (15):
      buffer: Fix buffer attribute comparison
      README: Use "yay" in archlinux installation instructions
      Exit if enabling auth fails
      Clean up config on exit
      Clean up aml on nvnc init failure
      data-control: Make offer handling asynchronous
      data-control: Don't free data-control-manager twice
      data-control: Clean up whole receive context in aml_free_fn
      data-control: Destroy data device on exit
      Don't init data_control if it's not supported by compositor
      Write a man page
      Generate and install a man page
      man-page: Fix wording
      FAQ: Remove outdated Q
      Release v3.0.0
      Fix man page path

Jan Beich (1):
      shm: guard fallback on FreeBSD < 13 as well

Jony (1):
      add Void Linux install command to README.md

Scott Moreau (1):
      Add basic clipboard support

md5 40fa40caf3052256626a4e345a50ccb4  wayvnc-v0.3.1.tar.gz
sha1 ee0103dab69b5d39690ded4f5058b400c81c9b04  wayvnc-v0.3.1.tar.gz
sha256 7b68af5bfa5e19352aaa5140e6c2418f90bfe6a949775bd236b06796c56e27f5
sha512 0ddfd949b76a4dc140b825f488eb887cf4608a685b9d2b8a514a2ad5b436baf2ea1cdcd159ec98e22bf3724daab71822d5beded3695dd05b4b062ad76ad3f25b

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